PELMOB meeting and MECO 2024 conference in Budva

The next PELMOB meeting will be held in Budva, Montenegro on 12-14 June 2024. The host of the meeting is Montenegrin Association for New Technologies – MANT.
The main topis of the meeting are:
– PELMOB Special Session at MECO 2024 Conference – Towards a Distributed Continuum Computing Platform for Federated Learning Based Self-Adaptive IoT Applications.
– PELMOB Special Session at MECO 2024 Conference – Presentations of partners published scientific papers at MECO 2024 Conference.
– Visit to AUB EM Laboratory established within PELMOB project.
– Dissemination and Exploitation of the mid-term project results at MECO 2024 Conference.
– Networking/ roundtables with stakeholders at MECO conference & Promotion of the PELMOB Project results and implementation status at Summer School.
– Third Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) Meeting.


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