Project consortium consists of four EU HEIs, ten WB HEIs, one non-academic partner from WB countries (WBC) and one associated partner (AP).

EU HEI partners
WB HEI partners
WB Non-academic partner
The associated partner

In general:

EU HEI partners will provide academic expertise, transfer innovative and newly developed technologies and know-how best practices to WB HEIs in field of the EM, expertise for implementation of the Bologna system based on ECTS and mobility, monitoring and peer review. The roles of EU HEIs will be more significant in the development phase of the project activities due to their experience and skills in education, on one hand, and project experiences on the other hand.

WB HEIs will improve the level of student competences and skills through modernization/development of Undergrad/Master studies curricula, increase the level of teaching staff expert and language skills, increase aims to substantially increase the awareness and understanding of target groups on EM issues thus creating favourable conditions for rapid improvement of EM education quality in WBC and to raise public awareness about the potential benefits of EM through popularisation events (Green weeks etc.).

UPKM has two remote units in so-called Serbian enclaves, one located in Strpce municipality and another in Gnjilane municipality. In both units, students attend study program Transport and Traffic Engineering. Classes in these units are organized in a hybrid way, through live classes and online sessions. Teaching staff is transported by road every working day, according to the class schedule to those units. For laboratory classes, students are transported to the University headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica. Faculty has provided all the necessary ITC equipment for smooth implementation of teaching process.

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