During the last decade, many governments have announced new climate change mitigation commitments that include national or regional commitments to reduce their carbon emissions in the 2025-2035 timeframe. The underlying government planning efforts and national actions do tend to be linked with a major transformation in the transport sector toward advanced efficiency technology with a shift to lower-carbon energy sources.

Many governments have announced that their original goals will not be met for a variety of reasons, amongst which one of the most important is the lack of skilled and trained personnel with sufficient level of knowledge in this area.

This project has as a goal modernization of WB HEIs study programs through introduction of new electric vehiclesrelated courses at the bachelor and master levels of education in WB HEIs. It will be done through creation of new or modernization of existing study programs at bachelor/master levels and creation of awareness-raising hubs within which EM associations will be created.

WB HEIs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo will opt, depending on their capacities, whether they will introduce new programs or modernize existing, in English or in their native languages. In both cases number of new courses, their titles, ECTS and other characteristics, will be determined in advance. This will include set up of new laboratories which will enable laboratory practices for students, as well as Electric Mobility Popularization Hubs within WB HEIs. Thus, all partners should select equipment which is adequate to the goals of the project.

Project will include partners from EU, HEIs from all WB countries, non-academic and associated partners.

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