Based on the identified need for promotion and implementation of EM in the Western Balkan countries and taking into account specific objectives defined by the Erasmus Plus Programme Guide (section Capacity Building in the field of higher education), the specific objectives of the project for all WB partner countries are as follows:

1) to improve and develop the existing curricula for undergraduate and master studies in accordance with Bologna requirements and national accreditation standards by implementing new courses in the field of EM. These courses should cover provisions concerning Ecological and sustainable design in road traffic, Electro Mobility and Hybrid Technology, Organization and exploitation of Electrical Vehicles, Intelligent Technologies for Internet of Vehicle, Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Systems Architecture and Standardization Needs. The aim of the improved study programs is to include the different disciplines such as environmental sciences, sustainable transport, and electrical engineering. Indicators for measuring achievement: 10 developed and implemented EM curricula (3 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3 in Kosovo*, 2 in Montenegro, 2 in Albania). The modernized/new EM curricula will precisely define the teachers’ competencies, learning outcomes, course content and syllabi.

2) to design and implement new EM labs in WB. The equipment obtained through the project will be used for the establishment of the laboratories where the students will have practical lectures related to the EM. Indicators for measuring achievement: 10 new laboratories will be established with appropriate equipment and manuals.

3) to create and organize EM associations, which will be comprised of all relevant interested stakeholders (schools, public and private companies, local self-governments etc.) and citizens. EM associations will organize various events such as workshops with popular lectures related to the use of EM, public demonstrations with use of EM devices, EM campaigns and other awareness raising activities. Special attention will be paid to EM associations workshops – Green weeks, which will be organized during the second and third project year. The main objective of these EM associations is to promotion of EM with the goal to raise public awareness about the potential benefits of EM. Indicators for measuring achievement: 10 EM associations will be created, at least 10 local workshops for networking with EM stakeholders and citizens organized, 10 Action plans for EM associations created, created WEB corners for EM associations on partners’ WEB sites, organization of 20 Green Weeks (2 per each WB HEI), popularization materials created.

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